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Why have I taken the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program ?

Why have I taken the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program ?

Why have I taken the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program ?

Some say that my generation was the best. This is the generation that built the internet, personal computers, global communications and many more of todays’ advances and creations.

As i am of a generation that can remember the time when the internet did not exist i have seen the development and growth of the internet and its impact on everyday life for billions of people.

I have spent years doing things the old way before they were computerised, then, learning how to do the same things but using computers, internet and the other modern day equipment now required.

I want to ensure that by doing a Digital Marketing course i enhance my digital marketing skills. The Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program appealed to me because major internet players like Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Mail Chimp and Moz helped create the course content. These are among the tools i was interested in learning how to use effectively.

The case studies using businesses like Betabrand, Ezequiel Farca and BambooHR are also very interesting and brings a real life perspective.

The program is taught entirely online by top professionals in their field. There are clear pathways of what you should improve your learning and a team that is always there to help you overcome any obstacles. You also have a mentor who is there to assist you with any problem you might have.

As the internet has exploded in size, It is now considered to be the #1 place to market products and ideas, using many different platforms. Learning Digital Marketing will help me utilise the many platforms and make the best use of time and money spent on marketing.

The Udacity DMND Program is very interesting and i look forward to where it leads.

You can find out more at diwan.co.uk #IminDMND

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